Sunday, 13 February 2011

The First Post

I keep coming up with something I want to talk about, but then I think to myself "is that really a good way to start a blog?  That for a first post?"  So finally, I have reached the point in this internal debate where I have decided that there really is not good post for a first post in the terms that I was thinking.  Because, quite honestly, I really am not sure what I was looking for.

Essentially, here is me.  The basics.  I am 34 years old (though most days either feel much younger or much older).  I have been married for seven and a half years, alhamdulillah.  Together we have two little boys - ages six and a half and five and a half.  I have been Muslim for four and a half years.  My husband will be celebrating his first year as a Muslim on Monday, inshaAllah.  And I live in a small village of 800 people. Hence the title.  There are a couple of other Muslims here.  Immigrants from south Asia.  A couple of them just up here during the week for work before going back to the city.  But my family, in our village, are the only white, Muslims who are Canadian (and I won't say by birth, because I am an immigrant, but I came when I was 2 and have been a citizen for more than half my life now).  And I am the only one that wears hijab.  I know of only two other sisters in this area that wear hijab all the time, not just to Islamic gatherings, where it seems all the women wear some sort of hijab.  But I often wonder, at that point, what is the point?  I mean, we've all seen you at the grocery store without it, so coming in all covered up, it's not like you're hiding something we haven't seen yesterday while picking up some milk.  But I digress...

There is no good post for a first post.  But this is it.  The entry to my blog about life in general, life in our village and greater community, life as a Muslim, life as a mom, life as a wife.

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