Sunday, 27 March 2011



For the fourth time in seven years, we are having a federal election.  I'm not sure what makes the opposition (Liberal) party think that things will be any different than the last three times, but once again, they were the primary cause of the government falling on Friday.  (Was it Friday?  It might have been Thursday.  Either way, the government fell.  Again.)

The last few governments have been Conservative Party led minority governments.  And while I am not a Conservative and don't agree with many of their policies, I do have this to say - when all the other governments in the northern, western hemisphere were experiencing a horrible recession depression type thing, Canada actually flourished under it's economic policies.  While I may not agree with them on things, I do have to give them that much.

But I'm so tired of elections.  And I'm tired of the fact that, as with the last few elections, there just is no one to vote for.  The Liberal party that keeps causing the governments to crash and burn?  The New Democratic Party which just makes no sense at all?  The Conservative Party which just seems to be more of a white, Christian, party?  Three or four elections ago, my husband had enough and voted for the Marijuana Party just because he thought that was the best one of the lot.  And I was making him vote when he couldn't be bothered.  There's not even a Marijuana Party candidate here. Maybe I'll vote Green.  I know they won't get in. And I don't like them. But at least I'm not in the process of loathing them like I am the main three (Conservative, Liberal and NDP).

And I have to vote.  Because my philosophy is this - if you don't vote and take part in the process, you don't have the right to bitch about what you don't like is going on in governmental affairs.

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