Sunday, 27 March 2011

Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and their reaction to a mosque

In the first six minutes, my blood pressure has already gone up.  A general post to the bigots of Murfreesboro, TN and other people like them.

1) "The Muslims" did not fly their planes into buildings.  A fanatical terrorist group did.

I truly wish that people would learn to distinguish between the two.  They seem to be able to manage this for Christians.  A devout Christian who kills doctors who perform abortions isn't a terrorist according to the majority of Christians, just a nut case who acted on his own.  Timothy McVeigh et al weren't Christian terrorists even though they were Christians.  They were just nut cases who didn't like the government.  So why the double standard?  Why are terrorists whose faith happens to be Islam

2) "The Muslims" are not going to come in and take over city council.  Has this ever happened in the US or Canada?  No?  Then why do you think that place is special.

3) You don't need to question people wanting to "relocate to the community."  THEY ARE ALREADY THERE.  There was already a smaller Islamic centre there.  They didn't want a new community.  They wanted to expand within the community they already were.

4) "It's not a mosque, it's a training centre" and "I don't want them to be making something in there they can use against us."  Seriously?!?  Okay, as far as I'm concerned Pentecostal churches in the southern US are hotbeds and training centres of hate.  All you have to do is watch "Jesus Camp" to know this.  Anyone is welcome to come to a mosque.  The only thing we ask is that women cover their heads and everyone take off their shoes.  We're not a secretive society.  Unless someone burned an iftar dinner, I highly doubt that there was/is going to be anything made to harm anyone else.

5) Answer the question!!  When asked "how much of this is that you just don't want a mosque in this neighbourhood?" the answer is not "not one person has ever said they don't have the right to worship the way they want to worship."  That was not the question.

6) Setting fire to equipment and shooting guns near the site is terrorism.  Creating the fear of terror in any group is terrorism.  To burn down another mosque and put hateful graffiti on another within 50 miles of Murfreesboro, that just tells me that people in central Tennessee are terrorists themselves.  Do they not get it? Do they not truly understand that there actions are just as bad, if not worse, than any Islamic terrorist?

7) Islam is now a "claimed religion?"  And it isn't welcome in that county?  I thought the constitution of the United States meant that persecution was not allowed based upon religion?  Islam is not a religion?  REALLY!??!!?  Islam is now an "organization"?

8) Oh, Murfreesboro....  You're "influencial real estate person" makes you all look like racist bigots.  Especially with her commentary that they did it to themselves because "they do that everywhere."

9) Yes, yes you do have the right to express the view that you don't like it. But that doesn't mean that you're going to get your way.

10) TALIBAN IS NOT MUSLIM.  And that is all I have to say to that.

11) Shari'a law is not "creeping in to New York City."  And the constitution of the United States quite clearly states that this is not even possible.

12) We ARE in the 21st century.  If we just uncover we'd find this an easier place to live??  Seriously??!

13) They didn't call a single member of the mosque?  Really?  They're making judgments against a community without even talking to the community????

14) Dear Joe Brandon (lawyer for the plaintiff): you are a racist bigot.  Grow up and learn something.

15) To allow a mosque is to allow shari'a law?  Really?

The judge, to anyone who didn't see this, said that they could not make a decision based on likes or dislikes, but on the law, and by the law, the mosque has the right to exist.  Alhamdulillah.

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  1. Asalaamu Alaikum

    I watched that last night and just couldn't believe how redneck/kkk those people were! What was on trial was not the building of a mosque but Islam itself and shariah law and jihad. Man I was ticked off when the lawyer asked the guy is Islam a religion and the other christian guy said well they believe in a deity and an afterlife and the lawyer says does bombing yourself and getting 7 (should be 70) virgins the afterlife you are talking about? Man they are so fixated on that! Number one suicide is forbidden in Islam and whoever kills themselves will keep killing themselves in hell forever. Number two - yes there is sex in heaven for muslims...sorrrrrrrrrrrry to the christians who only believe there is harp playing and singing! Get over it! If heaven is a place where you can have whatever you wish why wouldn't there be sex as well?

    And burning their equipment and then suggesting they did it to themselves, how low can you go?

    Can you believe they are going to waste their money on going to the Supreme Court? Oh and her comment that well these are the people we are killing in Afghanistan and so logically they should be done away with in the US too right? The crusades are alive and well! Who are the real terrorists?