Monday, 9 April 2012

Things I don't understand. Part I

So this is a blog about things I don't understand.  Be it something that just doesn't make sense to my view of logic or something that my brain just can't process altogether.  And it's "Part I" because I'm pretty sure that there will be further things I cannot understand as time goes on.

1. The reaction to religion in schools

I have to admit that I'm saddened and more than a bit frustrated at the behaviour and views of some people on the whole religion in schools issue.  I look around my community and quite frankly, I just don't get it.  I then look online and get it even less.  And then finally I look at comments posted after news articles and not only do I not get it, I wonder why on earth reputable news sources decided at any point that having the general public be allowed to comment on their site, on that article's page, was a good idea, since in a lot of cases (especially in the American media) those commenting seem to be the most hateful, stereotyping, bigoted, holier-than-thou people there are.  It seems normal, rational, thoughtful, respectful people either a) don't read the news sites to begin with or b) can't be bothered to respond.  In my case, I don't do it because I know that then my comments will be attacked.  Especially when I start pointing out how things that are being said are not fact, but stereotypes.  I'm not very popular at that point, but I also refuse to silently stand by and therefore feed into and condone their stereotyping and misplaced anger.

2. Why people don't get that I don't drink or go to bars

Okay, I'll admit it - I used to go to bars and just not drink.  But the fact is, I'm less and less comfortable in bars.  I don't mind bars/restaurants, but when the main function is as a bar, when they don't really serve meals, when everyone else is going specifically to drink alcohol, I'm just not comfortable.  Over the past few years, I have become more resolute in my personal beliefs and how I will live with them.  I will not inflict them on anyone, I will not create a scene.  I just will not go.  And I'll tell you why - "I'm sorry, I'm not comfortable in bars.  But have fun."  And then I'll go home.  But to respond with "well, you used to come and you don't have to drink" is just not helpful.  If you were going to Tim Horton's, by all means, I will join you.  But I'm not sure why "having a get together" has to involve going to a bar every single time.  What's wrong with a cappuccino or a coffee or a tea or a hot chocolate?  Why does it have to be beer or wine or a mixed drink?  I'm not comfortable being around people who are drinking.  But that's me.  And please "well, so-and-so's Muslim and they go."  And your point would be?  Just because so-and-so's a Muslim too doesn't mean that what they do or are comfortable with is my level of comfort.  I just fail to understand why my not drinking or being comfortable in bars is such a hard concept for people.

3.  How people are such ardent Maple Leafs' fans year after year after year.

I think that sentence explains it all.

4.  How my husband breaks the law but I end up with "homework" from his parole officer.

Yes, yes you read that correctly.  Well, I do get this one - to a point.  On this issue.  But I also fail to comprehend how my financial records got before the Parole Board of Canada?!  Last I checked I wasn't the one in trouble but they had my personal finances there before them?  Someone please explain to me the legalities of that.  But then again, I'm still waiting for an answer on that from his tax audit.  How is it that they can tell me that they can't tell me anything because I'm not the one being audited, but then when he hands me the audit all of my financial information is on there (including accounts, etc that he was never on) as part of the audit.  Yet they "can't talk to me under privacy policy because the audit is not on me."  How the heck does that work?  How is that even legal?  And yes, I've asked.  And gotten that reply - it's not an audit on me so they can't talk to me.  But they'll send me a bill for multiple thousands, send that to collections and say that I don't deserve the child tax credit, but in trying to discuss it with them they won't discuss it with me.  This is a giant thing I do not understand.  (And please, no one tell me to contact a lawyer. I  do not have the funds for that.)

5.  I don't understand political parties as a whole

I don't understand how people in this area can be part of the NDP when provincially in the last election one of their objectives was to shut down nuclear power (long term agenda) when it's nuclear power alone that runs the economy and provides the majority of jobs here.

I don't understand how people can be part of the federal Conservatives when part of their plan to assist in third world medical care denied money if birth control was supplied.  To force some of their evangelical ideas on others is wrong.  It's not part of politics.  It's part of religion.  The two should be separate.

And I don't understand how people can be part of the provincial Liberals with their hypocritical stance on religious based schools and I don't understand how people can be part of the federal Liberals after all of the scandals that came out when Chretien was gone.

I also don't understand people who adore Pierre Trudeau.  Looked at from a critical thinking perspective, the man was not as wonderful and amazing as people seem to think.  I think a lot of people seem to base it on his looks, LOL.

6. I don't understand why my wearing a scarf on my head makes some people go insane.

That is self explanatory, I do believe.

So for tonight, that is what I don't understand.  There are others (involving boys in general and my boys in particular) but those are for another day.


  1. Number two - PREACH IT!!! Why do people think that alcohol has to be involved to have a good time? The best party I ever went to had zero alcohol - just a bunch of ladies dancing and eating great food and having an amazing time. Everyone got home safe. No one drank.

    And LOL @ number three. GO WINGS!!!!

  2. 4. Homework because of me, yet we can't share it? But the audit part is just wrong. I am sure that the numbers will get reviewed and the child tax benifit will be restored retroactively. Until that time, make do, it is what it is.