Sunday, 13 May 2012

Who thought this was a good idea?

So I readily admit that I am not a style guru.  Nor do I want to be.  There have been many times where I just throw whatever on and just try and make sure I don't clash.  Now I do admit that I've become a bit more girly of late and am putting some effort into making sure my scarves complement my outfits and have actually (shocker!) put make up on three times in the last two months.  But there are still times when I look at something and go "who the heck thought that was a good idea?"

And so I had that thought when I was given some jilbabs by  dear friend.  One of them I just couldn't figure out.  It had this really long (like looong) hood that wasn't even close to be able to double as a hijab because of the way it is.  And all I could think was "who thought that was a good idea?"  Now, upon putting this hood on my head and looking in the mirror, and now upon seeing other pictures of other women in other jilbabs/abayas of this kind on, I thought the same thing about all of us.  And what was that thought?  We look like we're on our way to find some big circle in the deep, dark forest and light some candles and chant something in some language we don't know what we're saying.  Yup.  It looks bad.

There have been other styles that I just think to myself "why!?!"  Like, the entire decade of the 1970s.  There are some pictures of me as a baby and toddler which I have actually asked my parents "and you thought this was a good idea?" to which I was told "it was the style of the times."  Puffed sleeves with leggings of the mid to late 80s.  Also something that I wore which looking back I think "W.T.H??  Were we all blind?"  (Yes.  The answer is yes.)

When I look through my high school year book (which I admittedly have not done since I packed it up when we moved four years ago) most of the girls had big hair.  I admit that I did not, but I was never one to follow the styles. I do what's comfy and quick and easy.  I don't even own a hair dryer.  But who determined that big hair is what should be done?  It was the style all over the world at the time, but who started it?  And more importantly, why did they start it?

I used to watch Fashion Television when I was a teenager on a channel out of Toronto just to giggle.  So I know that there are even more peculiar fashions out there, but have you ever seen something on someone and thought "who thought that was a good idea?"

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